" Helping You
Create Your
Own Well being! "


Disclaimer: WELLNESS CREATOR is Person-Centered and Holistic in approach. I am only here to guide,recommend,suggest and accompany or aid you on your WELLNESS journey, and help you discover your own solutions (to problems or ailments) and/or the therapies or treatments that best suit your needs and offer them to you if neccessary. There is no guarantee to a cure and I am here to Help YOU create YOUR OWN Well-being as YOU are YOUR OWN WELLNESS CREATOR. Treatments can be incorporated with one another if this is preferred e.g. Aromatherapy and Foot massage etc.

WELLNESS CREATOR offers a range of services including;

Body Massage

aromatherapy massage newcastle, north east

An invigorating treatment which may induce relaxation, reduce anxiety and stress and muscular tension, improve sleep, aid the body in the detox process and more. Lubricants can include Oil, Talc, Massage Cream or even essential Oils if requested.

Full Body (60 Mins)- £25 Per Treatment

Part Body (Including Hand, Leg Or Foot, Head, neck, shoulder etc Massage)(30 Mins)- £18 Per Treatment

(60 mins)- £25 Per Treatment

Back Massage.

(30 Mins)- £18 Per Treatment

(60 Mins)-£25 Per Treatment

WELLNESS CREATOR also offers deeper tissue massages. These treatments are said to reduce stress, improve general well-being, boost immunity and help you feel good. Prices range from £18 per half an hour to £25 per hour

Types of massage

My Signature Massage

aromatherapy massage newcastle, north east Relax and unwind with this specialised massage treatment designed to suit your needs. This treatment incorporates various techniques such as deep tissue techniques and a continual flow over the body throughout the session, this helps connect the routine together and cover the entire surface area of the body, leaving you with an awareness and feeling of total relaxation and tension release. Treatment can last 60 minutes (1 hour) or 90 minutes (1 1/2 hours) depending on your needs.

60 Minutes-£25 Per Treatment

90 Minutes-£35 Per Treatment



Aromatherapy Massage and Advice

aromatherapy massage newcastle, north east

Aromatherapy Massage works through the senses of smell and touch which could bring about specific physical or emotional improvements such as reducing stress and tension, relieving headaches, improving sleep, boosting immunity, detox and more. Aromatherapy Massage is great for all ages and genders and may be beneficial for a wide range of conditions e.g. sinusitis, back pain etc. Can include Exfoliation/Body Scrub on request as can deep tissue massage which could aid with lymphatic drainage and increasing energy.

Back Massage(30 Mins)-£18 Per Treatment

(60 Mins)- £25 Per Treatment

Half/Part-Body (including Hand, Foot or leg massage) (30 Mins)- £20 per Treatment.

Full Body-(60 mins-without facial)

-£25 Per Treatment

(90 mins-with facial)-£35 Per Treatment

Aromatherapy/Holistic Facial (60 mins)

aromatherapy massage newcastle, north east Learn how you may be able to Relax, reduce stress, boost your complexion, tone facial muscles, and more with a holistic facial. Starting with a cleanse off the face, exfoliation, an application of a masque if requested can then be applied for 10-15 minutes. Then a facial, scalp, neck and shoulder massage using a blend of essential oils can be used. To finish with a toner and a moisturiser will be used to clear the skin. This could be great for people with skin problems e.g. Acne and those wanting to reduce the signs of ageing e.g. fine lines and wrinkles - £27 Per Treatment

WELLNESS CREATOR also offers tailored advice on Aromatherapy Blends and Remedies and a wide range of Essential oils, and oil burners are also available to purchase, so give yourself a treat and learn more about the art of aromatherapy today


Thermo-Auricular Therapy (Hopi Ear Candles) (45 Mins)

aromatherapy massage newcastle, north east Find out how you might unwind, reduce ear wax, uplift, relieve headaches, sinusitis, migraines and more with this relaxing treatment that involves placing lighted candles made out of natural ingredients including Bees wax and honey into ones ears. This painless therapy is then followed by a relaxing face and neck massage. -£27 Per Treatment


Managing Stress/Relaxation techniques (Up to 60 mins)

aromatherapy massage newcastle, north east

Discover how you may control stress and learn various relaxation exercises which could be used to help you cope more effectively with difficult situations in order that you may feel emotionally better improve behavioural skills, and enhance feelings of control, reduce anxiety, prevent illness, and symptoms of stress e.g. aches and pains e.g. back pains and headaches, insomnia, depression, anxiety, tension, etc, reduce staff absenteeism, increase productivity, maintain good health, relax and unwind, detox etc-£15-20 per individual session, costs will vary for group sessions.

CLICK HERE to contact me for more information or to find out how to manage the stresses and strains of daily life.

Health and Well-being Assessments/Wellness Programmes

aromatherapy massage newcastle, north east

WELLNESS CREATOR offers a wide range of Health and Well-being Assessments.These are carried out to determine your level of well-being.

WELLNESS CREATOR may suggest or help you create your own Individualised Wellness plan or programme to follow based on the 8 Natural Remedies for Good Health, in order to achieve your maximum potential for Well-being;-£15 Per Individual and £150 Per Group (of 10), £8 per health pack.

Therapy locations

aromatherapy massage newcastle, north east

At present mobile treatments are available and range from £20 onwards dependant upon Treatment, and Location.Concessions are also available.

Appointment times

Monday 9am-6pm

Tuesday 9am-6pm

Wednesday 9am-6pm

Thursday 9am-6pm

Friday 9am-6pm

Saturday 9am-9pm

Terms and Conditions

The Following Terms and Conditions apply for ALL clients of WELLNESS CREATOR;

  • Please arrive 15 minutes before Treatment time in order for the consultation to take place and/or to discuss previous treatment, any concerns etc.
  • All appointments need to be booked in advance. Treatment time bookings will depend on availability at specific times of the day. WELLNESS CREATOR requests that you give 24 hours notice for cancellations otherwise a small fee may be charged. Please be sure to arrive on time for appointments as delays may shorten treatment duration.If you are going to be late please contact WELLNESS CREATOR as soon as you can to let us know, so we can let other clients know.
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